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Bloodhounds Inc.Book 1 - The Ghost of KRZY

An eerie glow inside radio station KRZY during the middle of the night. . . equipment mysteriously vanishing. . . and strange voices-human but not quite.

So begins the hilarious and action-filled case for kid detectives Sean and Melissa Hunter and their pet bloodhound, Slobs, as they set out to discover the mystery behind the spooky station. . . while at the same time learning how .perfect love casts out all fear..

by: Bill Myers
Price: $5.99

Bloodhounds Inc.Book 2 - The Mystery of The Invisible Knight

Faceless knight stalking Midvale's merchants . . . along with the members of the kid-run detective agency, Bloodhounds, Inc. . . . and robberies the result of an ancient medieval curse.

Who will be the knight's next target?

In another hilarious, action-filled mystery, Sean and Melissa Hunter and their computer-generated sidekick, J.E.R.E.M.I.A.H., must unmask the truth behind the knight. . . while learning to always put their trust in God.

by: Bill Myers
Price: $5.99

Bloodhounds Inc.Book 3 - Phantom of the Haunted Church

Long-forgotten pirate's treasure hidden deep within the walls of Midvale's deserted church. . . mysterious moanings coming from the church late at knight. . . church's dreaded guardian, ZEEG REED, which stalks and devours everyone in its path.

Detective team Sean and Melissa Hunter and their wonder dog, Slobs, plunge neck-deep into another hilarious, action-filled mystery when they are trapped inside the abandoned church, discover a strange, secret passageway, and learn firsthand the importance of guarding against greed.

by: Bill Myers
Price: $5.99

Bloodhounds Inc.Book 4 - Invasion of the UFOs

Lights and flashes from UFO's seen by Midvale's folks. . .eerie transmissions of alien invasion over the radio waves. . . and an alien invasion.
Sean and Melissa, brother and sister super sleuths, along with their devoted dog, Slobs, dive head first into an out- of-this-world mystery when they try to get to the bottom of the recent alien sightings. . . and discover firsthand the true meaning of friendship.

by: Bill Myers
Price: $5.99

Bloodhounds Inc.Book 5 - Fangs for the Memories

A coffin-shaped shadow in the basement of the old Zanker house. . . high-tech fancy black limo. . . giant bats. . . late-night robberies. . . black capes. . . and a vampire?

In another action-packed mystery, kid sleuths Sean and Melissa Hunter need both faith and courage to crack their toughest case yet! With the "help" of Domesticus IV, an experimental housecleaning robot, the Hunters learn that you can't always judge a book by its cover.

by: Bill Myers
Price: $5.99

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